Yankee Fandom Experience

Yankee Fandom Experience

Last Saturday Maya, Tigran, Lizzy and I went to a Yankees game to experience their fandom. We started a day by buying the Yankee caps and in order to have a full experience we painted our faces with Yankee logos.

We took the train to go to the stadium and while we were still downtown walking to the train station we could see how people are looking at us with our caps and painted faces. That was when it was the hardest to fight our brains that were resisting to experience the fandom.


When we entered the train station we realized that there are a also people with Yankees uniforms and caps and we would nod our heads to them in a gesture of acknowledging our fandom.


When we arrived to the Yankee Station we could feel the atmosphere there was still time before the game so we decided to visit the local Yankees bar. We started to talk to the Yankee fans trying to not blow our disguise by avoiding questions about baseball which was really hard to do because this fandom is all about a baseball team. At least that’s what we thought but when we got to the stadium we sat in front of a really intense fan crowd and they were welcoming us as if we have know each other for years. At the stadium we tried to experience all of the traditions which include drinking beer, eating hotdog and a lot of cheering.


The most interesting parts for me were when a Yankees fan who was sitting behind us was screaming at the Blue Jay fans, who were right next to us, words that outside of the game context would be considered rude. We have heard sentences like: “Maple leaves”, “Thank you for your tourism” or “Did you come here just to get smacked?”.

IMG_4452After the game ended we went to the bar again but it was empty this time because there was another game afterwards.

This whole experience was really interesting for me because I am not a sports fan, I haven’t even seen a baseball game before this. What I took from this experience are the social psychological observations that I made, it’s amazing to see how an event or belonging to a big group can change people’s behaviors.

Of course as true fans we took the Yankee branded cups that we were drinking from at the game. And we have our hats as souvenirs of the fandom experience.