Star LED Circuit Making Process | Circuit Design

Star LED Circuit Making Process | Circuit Design

This is my first circuit that I designed and fabricated.

First step was to design it in Eagle CAD software, you can see the design in my previous post.

After that I exported the board design into ps file and printed it out on blue transfer paper.

star IMG_4676 copy

After printing out the design, I prepped the PCB material by roughing it up with scotch brite.

Next step was to transfer the toner onto the PCB using laminating machine and to put it into water bath.


After I was confident that the toner transferred to the PCB, I removed the paper, cut the circuit out of the PCB and put the copper into acid bath.


When the design was etched into PCB, I removed it out of the acid and rinsed it in water. Next steps were to scrub the toner of the circuit and put it into silver tint bath.

IMG_4688 IMG_4689

Here is unpopulated Star LED circuit.


One last step was to populate the board with components, I used blue LEDs(x 10) and 220 ohm resistors (x 10). I used pick and place machine to surface mount the components. You can see the final outcome: