Physical Computing Final Project Plan

Physical Computing Final Project Plan

Collaboration: Nikolaj Petersen

Our Physical Computing final project name is still undecided.

The project consists of clear glass balls of various sizes forming an eye shape and visuals are presented through the balls either by projector above or screens below the sculpture. The eye will be interactive with the user’s movements using photocell sensors. The main idea is to map users movements into the eye movements.

The Bill of Materials for the project is as following:

Function Material Details Quantity
Glass Balls
5MM 1000
7MM 500
10MM 400
20MM 30
50MM 10
150MM 1
200MM 1
Screen 1
Projector 1
Sensors Distance sensor ?
Arduino Arduino Uno 1
Computer Laptop 1
Physical Computing Arduino 1
Visuals Processing 1
Enclosure Box ?

The Project timeline will be approximately as following:

Starting Date Duration (days) Task
11/9/2014 5 Ordering Glass Balls
11/15/2014 2 Building eye shape
11/21/2014 2 Arduino code
11/21/2014 2 Building circuit
11/23/2014 2 Building the enclosure
11/24/2014 2 Debugging

And the system diagram of the project is expected to be as following: