Operational Amplifier | Circuit Design

Operational Amplifier | Circuit Design

For Circuit Design midterm we needed to fabricate and populate 3 circuits.

I chose to make 3 operational amplifier circuits using LM358 microchip, 3x10k ohm resistors, 100k ohm resistor, 1k ohm resistor, 0.1 uF capacitor and 10uF capacitor.

Before designing the circuit I breadboarded it to make sure it works.


After making sure that it works I designed the circuit in EagleCAD and here is the schematic and the board design of the circuit.

After designing the board I drew the milling routes since I wanted to fabricate the circuits using CNC milling. I used 1/64 and 1/16 end mill bits and a drilling bit to make the board.

While milling I encountered several problems such as; 1/64 end mill bit didn’t mill through the copper that well so I had to use exacto knife to etch the missing routes. Also I didn’t have enough time to mill the music note shape for the third circuit so I decided that the priority was to make it work.