Narcissistic Emptiness | Nothing Final

Narcissistic Emptiness | Nothing Final

I collaborated with Brett Stiller for final project of Nothing. After a long discussion about what “nothing” means for us we decided that we wanted to explore “nothingness” in an emotional level. We started questioning if we can portray the feeling of being empty and if it can be interpreted as “nothingness”. After a deep discussion we realized that narcissistic emptiness (narcissistic personality disorder) is actually demanding a false feeling of being loved without actually connecting with others. We decided that we wanted to portray this state with a physical object that would grasp your attention but would actually be made out of almost nothing.

We started sketching a cubical object that seems like a cube but actually not a full object.


Second step was to see how would it look like as a 3D model so we created a 3D model in Rhino. As we were looking at the 3D model we decided that we want to build the object with 2 sided mirror acrylic in order to portray narcissism. Also it would mess with the viewer’s perception so the viewer would be distracted of the fact that it is actually not a full cube (as narcissists try to portray themselves as a whole person).

3D Model in Rhino

As a first prototype we built it with paper. To see where the viewer could actually see through the object instead of a reflection.


In the end this is our final outcome: Narcissistic Emptiness.