My thoughts on Plagiarism

My thoughts on Plagiarism

When I come across the word “plagiarism” the first things that pop up in my head are money and fame. From my point of view; “Plagiarism” is the act of stealing credit and income of someone else’s idea. It is there to protect someone’s creative idea. At least that’s what the creators of this concept want us to think. However as I read the articles and watched the videos about plagiarism I was really drawn into the fact that culture is all about plagiarism and remixing or collaging older ideas.

As human beings we can not think of something that isn’t somehow already there. For example all scientific discoveries are related to each other in someway, it’s like looking at the same object from different perspectives. The object doesn’t change but the way we observe or understand the object changes. Every scientist influences each other and in whole they are widening our perspective of the world. It goes same for art and culture, only through existent ideas or perspectives we can get influenced or inspired. Every thought we have is already thought before by many other people. It doesn’t mean that we are not creative. In contrast it actually means that we are creative enough to choose these specific thoughts from so many and combine them in a specific way. We are not always aware of that, so we don’t always know where our ideas come from. Allergy to Originality portrays really well the fact that we are all made up from collaging, by collaging copies of sketches, known characters, overused scenes and wikipedia articles. This piece is sure “…unoriginal in an original way or perhaps even originally unoriginal”.

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I also really like the article On the Right of the Molotov Man, the artist who was inspired by a photographer’s work to paint a rebellious figure is accused of plagiarism and the article is showing both point of views; photographer’s and artist’s. The thing that is interesting about the article is that Susan and Joy have different conceptions of plagiarism. Photographer’s idea of plagiarism is not copying but distortion of the work’s original message. However artist views plagiarism as copying and discusses that everyone should be free to be inspired of an art piece however one wants. I actually think that both are right in their opinions and there is no right way to end the conflict because the notion of plagiarism is so vague.

All in all I believe that no one can control how their art will be perceived or how their art will inspire, like how Susan cannot control Joy’s inspiration, or like how Shakespeare cannot control Romeo and Juliet interpretations. So in a way their works live on in other artists works, even if it is sometimes contrasting their original intent. No one can control the ripple effects of their art.