Marblight | Designing Games for Kids Final

Marblight | Designing Games for Kids Final

For the final game I collaborated with Erin Finnegan and Hub Uy. We decided to make a skill based physical game and mix it up with electrical circuit. The game is actually a toy that has a gameplay. We wanted to make a marble game where you have to shoot marbles into certain spots to earn points. We got conductive marbles and tested the mechanics with our first prototype.


While prototyping we also discussed the rules and decided to have the following rules:

The game can be played by 2 players. There are 2 different colors; red and green. Each player has to chose a color and the younger player goes first. There are 10 conductive and 20 non-conductive marbles in total. Every round, each player shoots 1 conductive ball and 2 non-conductive balls. Each player wants to light up LEDs of their chosen color by placing the conductive balls into the holes next to the LEDs. Non-conductive marbles can be used either to block opponents holes or knocking out unwanted marbles out of the holes. The game ends after 5 rounds and the player who has more LEDs lit up wins.

Our second prototype was made to see how the circle shaped field would effect the gameplay and to see where it is better to place the LEDs.


After this prototype we decided to have a rectangular shaped field which is made out of clear acrylic so the circuit would be visible.

20150424_142015 (1)