Cosmoscope: Final Project Proposal

Cosmoscope: Final Project Proposal

For he final project for ICM we grouped up with Namira Abdulgani.

We were inspired to do a horoscope reading application because we spent some time reading our horoscopes together. We wanted to enhance the experience taking it from the plain text to a horoscope space where the viewer can feel the mystical and exciting mood of astrology. The idea was basically to visualize the data for a better experience.


zodiac-keychainsImage: Google

The user will be seeing his/her signs constellation in space and by clicking will be able to read the horoscope for that day.

We found the data that we were going to pull the readings from:

We prepared some questions before starting the project to gain some insight:

On reading horoscope

  1. Would you want to know all daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly readings?
  2. Would you want to know your sunsign’s lord, meaning of name, and/or sanskrit name?
  3. Would you want to know your lucky color, day, and/or number?