Chinatown Soundwalk Exploration

Chinatown Soundwalk Exploration

Yesterday afternoon I went on a Chinatown soundwalk. At first I was annoyed about the idea of some voice directing me but as I listened to stories and as I sat at the cafe it became interesting. I even ordered almond cookie and green tea.


It was frustrating waiting for the voice to catch up with my walking I even had to rewind to understand the directions of the mall. But when I could manage to syncronize with it, it was interesting as if someone was walking next to me. I really liked the tea cafe and the street and I was really taken by surprise when I learned that the huge building is a prison. I couldn’t see the aquariums or people selling phonecards but I guess things change in 5 years.


The budist temple was interesting I picked a fortune and I liked it. Unfortunately it was so touristic that I didn’t feel any spirituality there, but it was beautiful nevertheless.